Saffron Technical Material


What follows are a series of Saffron technical papers, presentations, benchmarks, results, algorithm descriptions, and notes created since the Saffron project formally began in 2002 (we rendered our first glyph in 1999, team members over the years include Ronald Perry, Sarah Frisken, Eric Chan, and Elena Jakubiak):


·   Our SIGGRAPH 2002 paper submission: PDF

·   Overview of our initial Adobe Flash 8 system: PDF
·   Example glyphs using special cells (explicit ADFs): PDF
·   Overview of our initial direct rendering algorithms (also known as implicit ADFs): PDF
·   Saffron 3.0 overview: PDF
·   Saffron continuous stroke modulation (CSM) for varying sharpness and stroke weight: PDF
·   Saffron automatic grid fitting for CJK (also known as Multiple Alignment Zones): PDF
·   Notes on our first GPU implementation: PDF
·   Stylized stroke fonts presented at SIGGRAPH: PDF
·   Variable width strokes with procedural profiles (SSFs) implemented in Saffron 4.0 in 2008: PDF
·   Implicit ADF rendering steps for outlines, uniform strokes, and stylized strokes in Saffron 4.0: PDF
·   Saffron hardware in 2009: PDF, 1, 2
·   Benchmarks for Nitro, our next generation Saffron, in 2012: PDF
·   A comparison between Nitro and FreeType in 2014: PDF
·   Implementation notes on Nitro: PDF